AngelaA God Thing!

Is what Denise (Niecey) Barbin called our encounter on Tuesday, Feb 10th, 2015.

It was making my monthly visit to Durham to visit the client face to face as I’ve been doing the past couple of years. I like the first week of the month but can vary from time to time. This was my first visit of the year, spending most of January in Asia Pacific.

I was meeting with HR members that I worked closest. She’d also reserved a room for me to work after our weekly cadence. The room from 12pm – 2pm, so I decided to do lunch after 2pm, the finish working the afternoon from the hotel.

A lady was in the reserved room having lunch and reading. She was comfortable but willing to relocate. “No worries”, I said. “You are welcome to stay while I work on email.” She stayed. The lighting suddenly went out due no talking and limited to no movement. The motion detectors did not detect us. With movement the lighting was reactivated. We smiled, briefly chatted and resume our activity.

My guest finished lunch and as she began to exit the room, I thought to introduce myself, Angela (my professional name since grade school days).  I felt remised I didn’t do so initially. She kindly introduced herself as Denise. I lit up, letting her know my middle name is also Denise. I grew up with the nickname my family calls me, Niecey. She smiled and said the husband calls her Niecey. (To myself, I thought how enduring, and I will adopt that for the love of my life… a new thought).

It came to me to provide her with my full name. She became excited letting me know her full name.  Denise had called me that very day. I’d called her back. And she’d call me back. We were playing phone tag. I’d planned to call her back once I gained privacy. Yet, there she was, face to face! Wow! The person I needed to connect with and assist.

We talked through her needs. Even met briefly with another co-worker helping to get her back online and functioning effectively. In less than 30 minutes Denise was back up and running. She hugged me more than once, saying “what are the chances we end up in the same room?”

We talked of several variable that could have alter our face to face meeting. Examples included the room she usually uses was around the corner, but occupied , she started to go out for lunch and changed her mind, my trip was tentatively scheduled for the previous week attending my Aunt’s funeral service in Philadelphia moved it out a week,  I changed my lunch plans, etc. We were in AWE!  We ended up in the same room at the same time, the day she called me for help. I am actually on site. Wow!

Rarely do or can we express our God-selves in a work environment. Individuals do all they can to avoid it, ignore it. Not I, as there is no place that God is not. Whether acknowledged or not! Well, that protocol went out of the window when Niecey met Niecey. As she calls it “A God Thing!”